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I recommend use of both, a fee-for-service organization, FamilySearch.Org, and RootsWeb.Com where I maintain the Jessee Family Database— which you can directly access as starting places for your research. Both are still free services.  All have added huge amounts of data and improved their services, most especially Ancestry and Family Search. Their new search tools and databases will knock your socks off.



What Can We Learn From Ellis Island Records?

The records from Ellis Island can provide anyone with a multitude of information. First, you can learn the name of every immigrant that traveled from a foreign country to the United States via Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954. However, their names may be listed differently that your family recalls; this is due to the confusion with pronunciation and spelling. For example, if you are looking for someone with the name of Wieslaw their name may be recorded as Wesley or Wilson. Other than names you can learn the location that people migrated from giving you details on how to track your lineage farther back. Also, pictures were taken during processing which makes those images critical to the person looking to discover their genealogy.

The listed page has MANY links for information and education on genealogy.  PLEASE take a moment to check it out.  

The Russell County Page of the VAGenWeb division/USGenWeb Project

Michael A. Dye created The Russell County Page of the VAGenWeb division/USGenWeb Project. 1This is a must-see site for Jessee researchers.


Steven Neale (

Jessee Researchers and Resources


Iberian Publishing Company has published electronic versions of traditional printed books to the genealogical community for more than three decades. All contain information found in the original printed volumes. 

Jack Hockett  |  |  SW VA History and Genealogy

Washington Co VA (WCV) Minute Book 18, 1869-18702017, 8x10, vi, 260 pages. $37 Continuaton of the series. (July 1, 2017) 

A little about this Minute Book: 

It begins at court 22 Feb 1869 with the case Mongle et al. vs Ireson et al.: ...forfeited forthcoming bond, and ends with office judgments from the Nov Term of court, 1870, 526 pages later.  The last court session is dated 06 Dec 1870, with WCV MB 19 beginning with the court session of 26 Dec 1870; this MB presents with the following pagination irregularities:  pages 55 & 56 & part of 57 are either missing, not filmed or blank; and there are two extra page 197’s:  p. 197B & p. 197C; in addition, there are two further extra pages: p. 209 ¼ and p. 209 ½. Handwriting of clerk’s making entries is generally clear, excepting the typical “I”/”J”.  This MB contains court entries from both the Court of Quarterly Sessions of WCV as well as the Court of Monthly Sessions of WCV. There are also some entries “nunc pro tunc” (retrospectively).
Among perhaps the more important overall events demonstrated by this MB are:  (a) an increased realization of the great deficiency of the 1870 WCV census, already well-known from the “1871/1872 Labour Lists” (Saltville District), and the Personal Property Tax Lists, Deed and Will books covering this period.  This should well exceed the generally estimated “5% not enumerated/missed” in censuses, and involves many permanent residents as well as those rather numerous persons, likely due, in part, to the disruptions of the Civil War, “just passing through”, many of the latter category not locatable anywhere; (b) confirmation of especially hard times as expressed at court 30 Oct 1869 (p. 160), citing “great pecuniary distress in this Co in consequence of the scarcity of money and the shortness of the  crops—especially the corn Crop”, resulting in a delay in collection of revenue; (c) Yet another “weather disaster”, p. 381, 26 Jul 1870:  ...”unprecedented rains” during the preceding time had caused great damage to the roads of the county which were in dire need of repair; this was further confirmed at Court 25 Aug 1870 (pp. 413-4 & 417); (d) the proclamation of & resulting resolutions at court relating to the death of Gen. Robert Edward Lee, CSA (p. 454: 24 Oct 1870).
— Jack Hockett & Donald Helton
p.s. In press: Abstracts of Washington County Virginia Minute Books 19, 20, and 21; Personal Property Tax Lists of Washington Co VA 1871-1879 (both district); in progress: WCV MB 22 (80% finished abstractions).


Washington Co VA (WCV) Will Book (WB) 1, 1777-1792

This book (description and ordering information below) consists of almost complete text of the WB 1, annotations, bibliography, dictionary of terms, original (court book) index and every name index.  In addition, insofar as possible the 5 extra pages included in this WB have also been transcribed and placed at the end of this WB.

(WCV) WB (Will book) 24,Washington Co VA 1890-1894

Fully indexed and also annotated was previously published.  A little about this work follows as well as ordering info for anyone interested.
INTRODUCTION:  This Will Book 24 (WB) begins with the Inventory of the personal property of the estate of Noah M(ilton) Hill (Sr.), taken, 13 Sep 1889, delivered to court 24 Mar 1890 and admitted to record 14 Apr 1890, and WB 24 ends 400 pages later with the admission to record of the administration account of the estate of William L(eonard) Hutton, on 22 Jan 1894, the great majority of entries falling at times between these entries.  

Washington Co VA Will Book 24

This work has been annotated, primarily using information from our own publications (Hockett, Helton) as well as those of Mr. Tom Colley, from private contributors (see abbreviations list at beginning of the WB transcription), and other sources, as cited. We would like to additionally recommend for further and more extensive information on some of the annotations, to consult the excellent work: 1850 CENSUS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY VIRGINIA ANNOTATED. By Waverly W. Barbe and edited by Ms. Shelby Ireson Edwards. 2000. This publication is available from the Historical Society of Washington Country Virginia, Abingdon, VA. Other contributors such as Ms. M. Epps and Mr. Robert Ford, Ms. Donna Jean Ford, Ms. Mary Marble, et al. have been identified as needed (please refer to the abbreviations section). 1890- 1894 Jack Hockett, indexed by Donald Helton. 2016, 8x10, iv, 183 pages. See description above.

Helpful Websites

Genealogy—The Complete Resource Guide

A detailed Genealogy guide that has a lot of tips for beginners and activities to discover more about your past.

Search cemeteries, clerks, courts, historical societies, libraries, marriage license offices and town and city halls for free public records.

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On-line Researchers


Julie Ann Ortiz Ball

I am in the process of researching my grandmother, Phoebe Elizabeth Jesse's, tree. I am of the Ninth Generation from John Jesse and Clia Smith. I have gotten several inquiries already from Jessee's around the nation and look forward to continued support and being able to help as well.

Donna Bogue
Bogue Family Online:
Donna Bogue's Genealogy Page:
Jessee Central:
Goad Central:
Casto Central:
Thomas Central:
Nester Central:
Counts Central:
Ginther Central:
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Castle Central:

Barbara R. Cogburn
James (Mathias or M.C. or Mac) Jessee, Beverly Floyd Jessee Descendants

Ed Hall
I am tracking BICKLEY and FORD from the John Tivis Jessee line. John Tivis Jessee is the son of Joseph Jessee, son of John Jessee, Jr., son of John and Frankey Lea Jessee.

Dee Harding
Ephriam KISER Jessee, Ninna Belle Jessee, Priscilla Long GOSE

Sandra Jessee Hood
J.C. Jessee (Father), Lebanon, Va. - descendent of Phillip and Rachel Jessee

David M. Jessee
I am from Scott County, Va., near Natural Tunnel, on Stock Creek. Grandson of Patrick Bruce Jessee and Amanda Hill Jessee. Son of Emmett C. Jessee and Eunice Lewis Jessee.

Carolyn Jessee
Dennis Luther Jessee, Carolyn Sue Jessee, Robert Kenneth Jessee, Vernon Cecil Jessee Jr.

Become a Resource!

If you'd like your email address or other contact information and the area of research in which your a interested listed on the Jessee Genealogy Service web site, please write to Jim Jessee and provide a description of what you would like included.

Please see examples, below

John (JD) Jessee

Johnnie Paul Jessee
Son of Johnnie Dodge Jessee, the son of Eugene Paul Jessee, the son of Jerial Dodge Jessee, etc.

Linda Jessee Mills
Great-grandfather Jefferson Jessee

W.H. Jessee (Bill)

Ed Marsh

Gray Newman
Decendent of Archer Jessee and Nancy Browning

Christine (Sullivan) Metzner
Fullerton, CA
My line: Thomas Jefferson Jessee married Margaret Frances HARDWICK, Daughter Annie maud Jessee married Bartholomew LYNCH.

Patricia O'Connor
Family Names: Colonel George M. Jessee, Bettie Jessee.

Carin Vance Rhoden
The RHODEN Family Genealogy, including many descendants of George Lea Jessee.

Judy Ring

Carlyine Ritter 9189377

Gloria Robbins
Looking for Clarence Jessee in Raven, VA during 1943

Anisa Zimmerman
6th great grandaughter of John Jesse born ABT.1770 in Cumberland Co., VA, Died ABT. 1808 in Cumberland Co., VA.

Sue Lester Patterson
I am related to Phillip and Rachel Jessee, to Gabriel and Nancy Wallis Jessee, to Gillespie J. and Lethea Jessee Smith. My gr grandmother, Lethea was the last Jessee in my direct line. One of her daughters, Martha Smith, married Raleigh Lester, my grandfather. Searching for: LESTER, SMITH, Jessee, SHREVE/SHRIEVE TAZEWELL/RUSSELL CO. VA. LATE 1700'S TO PRESENT SHREVE/SHRIEVES IN ROCKINGHAM CO. N.C. LATE 1700'S TO PRESENT

Ann Hamilton Pippin
Descendent of John Jessee, Sr., Rev. David Jessee, and Catherine (Caty) BANNER, John, and Dolly CANDLER , Nancy Catherine Jessee and Harvey Duncan LITTON/LYTTON. Kin to Vermillions, too.