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Another California Cousin— Descendant of Archer Catron Jessee

Anna Laurie  [] wrote, March 1, 2016, regarding Another California cousin— descendant of Archer Catron Jessee

Hi Jim,  I was thrilled to find the Jessee Genealogy Service and your Jessee Newsletters online. I've only recently started my own research and felt like a new world opened up when I stumbled across your site. I'm the great-great granddaughter of Aurelia Jessee Dutcher, daughter of Archer Catron Jessee and Mary Ann Harbin. I live in the Sacramento area and have photographs of Aurelia, her children, and the Dutcher homestead I'd be happy to share with others.  Anna

Anna,  I am very glad to hear from you.  As I have no descendants for Aurelia Jessee and C.B. Butcher, I will be happy to get that information from you.  Could you provide a GEDCOM file?  Note the name spelling, Archer Catron Jessee, and that he is the first Jessee to come to California. Mary Ann Harbin is of the Harbin Springsfamily, too. Would love to see photos, too. Archer Catron Jessee is the son of Lea Jessee, son of John and Frankey Jessee, and Barbara Gose, is the daughter of Stephen Gose and Maria Barbara Catron (Katron).  Jim Jessee

Hi Jim,  Thank you very much for your reply as well as the information.  I shared it with my daughter who lives in the San Jose area. I will work on a GEDCOM file and send to you, which I believe I can do through

In the meantime I'm sending photographs of Aurelia Jessee Dutcher, wife of Charles Bennett Dutcher, and two photos taken about 1913 of the family on their way to the homestead near Sisquoc, CA. 

In the photo of them seated on the ground, Aurelia is seated on the right, second from the bottom of the photo. 

Her daughter (my g.grandmother) Beulah Dutcher is sitting next to her and her husband (or soon to be husband), Seth K. Lewelling, the grandson of Henderson Lewelling, is seated next to Beulah. Henderson Lewelling was a nurseryman who brought the first fruit trees west and is credited with being a father of the California/Oregon fruit industry.  On the left side of the photo, seated facing away from the group, is Perry Jessee, Aurelia's younger brother. Daisy Dutcher, another of Aurelia's daughters, is third on the left, facing the camera with the brim of her hat turned up. The photo was labeled by my great-uncle Fred Luelling who is likely to have taken the photo.

In the photo of the group seated at a table, Aurelia Jessee is at the lower right side of the photo and her brother Perry Jessee is seated 4th on the left at the end of the table.

I've been reading archive copies of the Jessee Family Newsletter and am awed by the amount of work that has gone into the tracing of our family line. I know thanks go to many people, but particularly to you. Thank you so much. Your work has provided current and future Jesses with a great gift. I'm very grateful. Anna

Hi Jim,

Attached is what, I hope, is a workable GEDCOM file. Please forgive errors in the family line extending beyond John Jessee and Frankey Jessee. I'm just catching up.  If you work backward in the lineage from me, Anna Laurie Ellis, to my father Charles Bennett Ellis, to his mother Buelah Setha Luelling, to her mother Buelah Dutcher, you will find Aurelia Jessee Dutcher.  I'm a novice at this, so thanks for your indulgence as I learn more.  Anna

Earl Jessee