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John Jessee Revolutionary War Soldier & Musician DISPUTED

Tom Rudder [] wrote regarding John Jessee Revolutinary War Musician

Those who think that John Jessee was in the military during the Rev. War as a musician should consider the following.  

As a musician in the military he would have been either a fifer or a drummer.  The average age of a fifer was 18 and the average age of a drummer was 19.  So the average age of a musician was 18.  John Jessee was 31 at the time.  As an example, the Virginia Military School for Musicians was restricted to 17 and 18 year olds.  Had John Jessee been in the military in the Rev. War there is no way he would have been a musician.  

In checking the North Carolina Military Rosters in the National Archives, I found no "John Jes....".  As you know, sixty-five (65) percent of the names in Pierce's Register for North Carolina cannot be found in the military records.  This came about as a result of the investigation of the forgeries in Pierce's Register for North Carolina.

Earl Jessee